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Teco Admin (For Partners)

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Teco Admin is more than simply a platform; it’s a revolutionary chance for potential partners and investors to work with us to transform the educational landscape.

We’re on a mission to improve educational services, boost student performance, and forge ahead for both institutions and students.

How it works

Here’s how your company, nonprofit, or startup can get involved in transforming the lives of Americans:


Degree Audit & Ed Plan Processing

Download and view degree-audit data for uploaded transcripts. Your students can have accurate and up-to-date degree audits and education plans, every semester


Data & Analytics

View and download data insights that drive student retention & enrollment for decision-making. Data is available for processed transcripts, as well as Teco Guide user metrics and behaviors. Customizable report generation is available


Content Distribution

Send content directly to users who attend feeder schools through our cohort distribution capability


Enrollment Builder

Improve enrollment in your institution’s classes with this service. Teco Guide users are informed of their needed classes and their availability on your campus

Questions & Answers

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Teco Admin is designed to streamline educational processes and provide crucial data insights for institutions and students. Teco Admin seeks to develop a more effective and informed educational environment by providing services including degree audit processing, material distribution, data analytics, and enrollment development. These tools support organizations, businesses, and NGOs like yours in making data-driven decisions to improve student outcomes and academic experiences.

Users can obtain accurate and current degree audits and education plans that you are supporting and validating as an Inspirame partner thanks to Teco Admin’s Degree Audit & Ed Plan Processing. This service makes sure that institutions and students have a clear understanding of academic requirements and progress. Institutions can offer students individualized counsel through automated processing and frequent updates, resulting in better academic planning and on-time graduation.

Through its cohort distribution tool, Teco Admin provides seamless content distribution to users from feeder schools. With the help of this capability, educational institutions and potential students will be able to communicate and engage with one another more effectively. Institutions can improve their outreach efforts and draw in a more qualified and interested student base by focusing their outreach efforts on a few key categories with customized content.

Teco Admin offers detailed data and analytics that give important insights into user activity, enrollment trends, and student retention. With the help of these insights, partners can make well-informed decisions, spot areas for development, and put into practice powerful tactics that will increase institutional performance and student success. Institutions are further empowered to examine data in accordance with their own needs and objectives thanks to customizable report generation.

By giving students timely information about available classes and courses that offer pertinent information to train students in partners’ areas of interest, Teco Admin’s Enrollment Builder service helps universities increase enrollment. Institutions can improve the whole enrollment process, resulting in higher student satisfaction and retention, by alerting students about the courses they require and their availability. This program enables students to plan their academic path more and guarantees that they can enroll in the courses they need to advance in their academic careers.