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Teco Guide is a free virtual college navigation platform that personalizes the educational journey you want to begin.

It provides you with the information you need about your particular academic situation, recommendations, scholarship opportunities, and career insights.  

Teco helps you know how to get started and find the most affordable college degree options available at the Community College of California to achieve Career Certificates, Associate Degrees, and Transfer to 4-year universities.

What Teco Guide Offers:

Custom Academic Insights:

We provide you with the information you need about your specific academic situation. No more sifting through generic advice—Teco Guide is all about YOU!


Receive expert suggestions that align with your interests, skills, and ambitions. We guide you toward the right choices for your future.

Scholarship Opportunities:

Find out about scholarships that can help you fund your education. We think money shouldn’t ever get in the way of your dreams.

Career Insights:

Discover valuable career insights to understand the employment market and how your schooling can enable a bright future.

Timely Information:

Teco Guide guarantees that you are always informed. We make the frequently complex process of higher education simpler by providing the information you require precisely when you need it.

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We determine the most affordable path to a degree, informing you of all the relevant financial aid, support services, and other college tasks you require.


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We continuously monitor, inform, and distribute personalized content to guide you through the entire college and career lifecycle.

No matter where you come from, you deserve a future full of opportunities

Anyone can get started in Teco!

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Questions & Answers

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Anyone over the age of 13 who wants to study can do so, whether they are students, non-students, parents, community members, etc. 

No, our service is totally free. 

There are two ways to enter a UC:
1. Immediately after high school, i.e., as a first-year student.
2. Transferring from a community college, i.e., entering as a Junior (3rd year)

There are huge advantages of transferring in, not only in terms of cost but also in terms of GPA and having a guarantee to get in.
Click here for more information. 

The University of California system is a group of highly regarded public research universities in California. It has ten campus locations, nine of which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. The UC system offers 160 academic disciplines and 800 degree programs. UC’s faculties are highly regarded and ranked among the top-ranked. They are highly competitive for admission and are considered some of the best public universities in the country.

The California State University system is a group of public universities based in California. It is the largest four-year public university system in the United States.
CSU schools are popular because they offer quality studies at an affordable price for California residents.

The CSU system comprises 23 colleges, all of which have degree programs available.
UC schools focus more on research and scholarly publications, while CSU schools focus more on helping students develop professional and practical skills that will enable them to gain employment upon graduation.
ping students develop professional and practical skills that will lead to jobs upon graduation.

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All students can decide to stay or leave the university during any term. Often times when students actually start attending the University it’s not what they expected. It’s called culture shock!

You always have the option of attending a community college so if you got a leave the University, just do it officially and keep moving forward. 

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Most CA residents (over 75%) go for free because of the various CA Promise grants and other financial aid programs. 

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California is home to the largest open-access university system in the U.S. It serves more than 1.8 million students annually on 116 campuses. 

If you are an adult who did not finish high school or finished high school in another country, but have lived in California for many years, you can apply to a college and enroll, possibly for free. There are many programs that help students, click here for more information.

If you need more information about California College Opportunities, send un an email to